About the Farm

Bear Dance Tree Farm was founded in 2003 by Hans and Marilyn Welbergen, and is managed with the help of several family members.
The farm rests on 145 acres of fields and woodlands, with abundant nature and is a certified wildlife habitat.
The house is the center of activity with the original portion of the home built as a farm house in the 1800′s by Dutch settlers.
There are several species of trees growing at Bear Dance Farm.
If you are looking for a Christmas Tree, you may choose from Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Blue Spruce, White Spruce and Norwegian Spruce.
You can also find beautiful old fashioned Adirondack Evergreen Fir and Balsam Wreaths for sale, all handmade at the farm.
Each wreath has it’s own sleigh bell ornament, which your family will definitely want to hang on to!

You won’t want to miss the complimentary Green Mountain Coffee and cocoa in the Christmas barn, with candy canes for everyone!